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Boat works

Custom Marine Service LLC of Panama City, FL is a strong advocate of utilizing proper outboard motor and boat maintenance. Proper maintenance of outboard motors, marine equipment, and other general boat materials will ensure a safe operating condition of all items and provide a more pleasurable on-the-water experience.  

Superior marine maintenance services

Providing you with quality and dependable services since 1988!

When you come to us, you can bet your marine equipment will be in the best hands possible. Here at Custom Marine Service, your needs are put first!

Dependable marine maintenance

We offer the finest boat detailing services in the area specializing in all facets of boat detailing.  We can accomplish outstanding results in boat detailing and some have even decided to keep their boats rather than selling after they had their boat detailed by our professional detailing staff.  Please call for further information or simply drop by with your boat and allow us to put our experts to work.  


Helm, Cockpit & Bridge

  • Deep scrub of all interior and exterior surfaces

  • Complete window cleaning

  • Leather & vinyl cleaned and preserved

  • Chrome surfaces cleaned and polished

  • Cabinets & cubbies cleaned and reorganized

  • All fiberglass surfaces cleaned and waxed

Interior Cabin

  • Walls & all interior surfaces cleaned

  • Wood surfaces cleaned and preserved

  • All carpets cleaned and deodorized

  • Toilets cleaned and sanitized

  • Refrigerators & microwaves cleaned

Exterior Hull

  • Deep scrub of all surfaces scrubbed, buffed and waxed

  • Engines cleaned and polished

  • All aluminum cleaned and polished

  • Swim ladder cleaned and polished

Custom Service Co. Interior & Exterior Boat Detailing Services

Schedule your regular marine maintenance TODAY!


Major & minor boat fiberglass and other repairs

We specialize in everything for fiberglass boat repairs.  If you have a dock collision or someone drops the anchor on your boat and damages the fiberglass we are ready to repair the damages.  We strive and will accomplish structurally sound, chemically proper, fiberglass and gelcoat repairs that are done in the most professional manner.  We are a full-service shop that can help with any cosmetic needs.

Custom Service Co. specializes in fiberglass boat repairs and gelcoat work.  We know every boat repair is unique in its own, but with our experience we can diagnosis the complete problem and set up a repair plan that is best suited to satisfy your expectations and desires.

There are a few boat repairs

that might not make sense, but in most cases we can bring your boat back to life!

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boat boat 2 gentleman cleaning the boat

1973 Glastron GT-150

In the 1974 Ian Fleming’s movie “Live & Let Die” featuring Roger Moore as James Bond & Jane Seymour, the 1973 Glastron GT-150 was filmed.  Of the 26 Glastron boats used in filming, 17 of them were either damaged or destroyed.

Perfection Craftsmanship

Custom Service Co. is a premier marine company providing a myriad of engine & boat services.

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