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Custom Marine Service LLC of Panama City, FL offers recreational and commercial boating customers the finest, professional, and courteous marine services in the area. We have established our reputation in meeting the needs of each and every customer. We appreciate your interest in our company and look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied, valued customers.

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It is a very dangerous situation to

have a leaking gas tank or gas tank with leaking gas fumes which can result in a gas fire explosion leading to severe injuries or even fatalities. Custom Service Co. is the area’s premier specialist in marine gas tank diagnosis and tank replacements.  If you have a suspicion you have a gas tank problem, don’t delay, but call Custom Service Co. today.

Gas Tank Replacement

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Water pump service & replacement

Water pumps are critical to the performance of all outboard motors.  Failure to inspect and replace a water pump when needed can potentially lead to thousands of dollars of outboard engine repairs.  The insurance of having your water pump inspected every 100 hours or once a year is well worth the cost.  Nothing is more frustrating than to have your boat towed on a beautiful sunny day when your water pump fails and your outboard motor overheats.  The impellor itself is simply a series of rubber vanes molded on a hub.  The rubber vanes are very flexible and the hub rotates on an eccentric within the pump housing which has a stainless steel liner. The tips of the impellor vanes simply wear out with use particularly if subject to running through sandy conditions.  The rubber material can also get brittle if the outboard engine if water is not run through the engine on a regular basis.  Water lubricates the impellor.  Please call Custom Service Co. today and schedule an inspection of your water pump and impellor taking every precaution to avoid engine overheating and sever damage to your motor.

Fuel filter service & replacement

Most outboard engine manufacturers and repair facilities agree the largest source of trouble with marine engines lies with the fuel and fuel system.  It is important to pay regular attention to the fuel system to avoid costly outboard engine repairs.  Ethanol has been added to the majority of fuel supply to help reduce emissions.  Because ethanol is alcohol and alcohol is hygroscopic it will attract water molecules.  Since most all fuel tanks are vented to the atmosphere water will collect in your fuel tank.  These water molecules will bond with the ethanol “alcohol” and sink to the bottom of the fuel tank and that is where the fuel is picked up to operate your boat.  This is where severe damage can take place in your outboard motor.  Custom Service Co. specializes in inspecting and if necessary replace your fuel filters and also all other elements associated with the fuel system.  Please call today to schedule an appointment to have your outboard engine fuel filter and fuel system inspected.  We can also provide you with how to maintain your fuel system in the most productive manner.

Marine descaler is the perfect solution to removing scale, dirt, soot, oil & grime

Custom Service Co. offers the most advanced technology to improve the performance of outboard engines.  Scale buildup is the number 1 reason water cooled systems malfunction.  Our marine descaler equipment is designed to bind with calcium molecules found in scale.  By binding only with calcium, remaining minerals and deposits held by calcium are released to rinse free without harm to equipment.  The marine descaler does not oxidize, corrode or attack metals in the outboard engine, thus providing the most excellent method to clean your outboard engine pathways for greater overall performance.  Our marine descaler also rejuvenates gaskets and rubber seals while it works, and removes oils and soot and dirt from air cooled exchangers when cleaned through immersion.  Our equipment is ideal for heat exchangers, condensers, cooling systems, and all water circulation systems exposed to hard water and scale.  Please call Custom Service Co. today to discuss how we can improve the overall performance of your outboard engine.

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