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Stott Craft is the Answer for all Your Boating Needs


In today’s boating climate, boating enthusiasts are looking for boats that are affordable, reliable and meet one’s boating needs and expectations.  Stott Craft Boat Packages answers those needs.  One can buy a more expensive boat package from another boat manufacturer, but one cannot in our opinion get the same quality and price that Stott Craft offers.  It’s that simple, but please see for yourself!  Come by.  Visit with our marine experts.  We are a non-pressure sales team.  You will be amazed at the boat package offerings and also the lowest prices we know of, of anywhere in the boating industry.


Inshore Fishing


Stott Craft is ideal for having fun on the water catching red fish, flounder, trout, mackerel, mangrove snapper, snook or even going for blue crabs!  Is price a consideration?  Yes, of course!  Why overspend for a fishing rig that cannot compare to a Stott Craft inshore fishing rig?  We offer three Stott Craft models that are perfect for inshore fishing!


Offshore Fishing


Going offshore fishing for red snapper, grouper, kings, amberjack, shark, flounder or many of the thousands of other fishing species?  Please come by and visit with our team and take a close look at our inventory of Stott Craft boat packages.  Our Stott Craft models are ideal for taking that short or all day offshore fishing trip knowing you will have a quality boat and motor that will meet your fishing needs.  We know, without question, you will be amazed at Stott Craft boat package prices!  


Waterskiing, Wakeboarding & Tubing


Without a doubt, Stott Craft Boat Packages will answer your recreation needs with a price you will be more than pleased with.  We have three Stott Craft boat packages that are ideal for any recreation activity you enjoy.


Shell Island or Island Adventures, Rivers & Lakes


Want to spend the day at Shell Island with your family and friends?  What a better way to enjoy Shell Island when you know you are in a Stott Craft boat that is of very high quality, but one that has not strapped you to the heel financially.  Let’s agree.  It’s all about the quality of the boat package, and the price, when one considers which boat to purchase.  If you want to love your day at Shell Island, or any other island, river or lake, then please come by and take a close look at Stott Boats.  


Sunset Cruising


Sunrise or sunset.  What a way to better enjoy catching the beauty of the sun than being in your new Stott Craft boat package!  All models are designed for quality, great performance, dependability, enjoyment and easy maintenance.   Please give us a call or stop by and see first hand why every Stott Craft boat manufactured during the year is SOLD!  For over 40 years, Stott Craft has provided families with high quality, yet low-cost boating products.  


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